Who We Are

GWC is a weather data services company founded to commercialize the world’s best weather forecasting technologies developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Why We Are Different

Like a human meteorologist, GWC’s technology continues to “learn” local conditions throughout the world, constantly validating its forecasts against real-time observations. This capability, combined with a continued commitment to investment in R&D and a persistent focus on automation, allows GWC to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts for any location in the world.

Foundational Forecast Services

GWC’s two standard forecast services provide global coverage and are designed to serve most users with minimal customization



SensorWXSM provides tuned forecasts at weather station (sensor) locations. A tuned forecast represents the best match to both historic and current conditions as measured by that sensor. Forecasts for thousands of publicly-available sensors (such as METARS) are currently accessible.


PointWX provides forecasts at arbitrary locations – since weather stations are not always present where people need forecasts. To do this, we generate a gridded forecast that can be intelligently interpolated to provide a forecast at any requested location.

Specialized Forecast Services

GWC’s specialized forecasts are derived from SensorWX and PointWX


RoadWX provides forecasts of road surface conditions and corresponding weather for any road location, worldwide. Forecasts are hourly out to 48 hours, with spatial resolution of 1 km along any roadway.


WindWX is a precision wind energy forecast service, updated every 15 minutes out to 168 hours. It offers farm-level optimization and aggregation to any level, such as by node or ISO to provide situational awareness of the entire portfolio.


SolarWX provides hourly forecasts of centralized or distributed solar power, whether observational data is available or not. Farm-level forecasts are aggregated to the regional level to provide higher-level situational awareness of the entire portfolio.

Core Technology

GWC’s technology provides sophisticated post-processing of existing numerical forecasts, improving on them through several algorithms.

GWC’s technology employs sophisticated algorithms to post-process numerical weather prediction models. These are the models (such as GFS and ECMWF) computed by national weather services. GWC’s automated algorithms apply machine learning to fine-tune the accuracy. This replicates the role of the human meteorologist, aggregating all available models and data to present a more accurate forecast than is possible from any individual model.

Our forecasts bring accuracy to every location in the world, integrating easily into apps that enhance people’s lives.


Connected devices use our weather data, which increases the efficiency of home heating and cooling systems, optimizes lawn irrigation, and far more.


Energy companies use our weather data to anticipate load, optimize both wind and solar power generation, and guide trading strategies.


Insurance companies recognize the range of risks from both routine and extreme weather, assigning quantifiable economic value to accurate weather information.


Better weather forecasts enable precision agriculture by generating efficiencies, increasing yields, optimizing resource use and improving timing of key crop milestones.


Accurate weather forecasting improves demand prediction and inventory planning, driving higher sales and profits for retailers.


Access to quality information about road weather and road state improves safety records and bottom lines of transportation businesses.


Reliable weather information is among the most important features for drawing viewers to both traditional media and new media, such as web and mobile.

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