Accurate, Precise, Application-Specific Weather Data Services

Global Weather Corp. offers the most accurate, geographically precise weather forecast data services available anywhere. Applications include industrial utilities (such as wind power forecasting), transportation logistics (including road, rail and airline operations) and digital media enhancement (such as website commerce and publishing integration).

Our proprietary forecast engines generate location-specific, hyper-local live weather data delivered from our National Operations Center near Denver, Colo.

GWC Forecast Data Services include:

  • SensorWX℠ – Forecasts at weather station or sensor locations tuned by observations from the sensor. When accuracy is paramount, sensor tuning results in the best forecasts possible. Examples include forecasts at METAR, MADIS, road RWIS, and wind farm turbines.
  • PointWX℠ – Forecasts anywhere in the world, even at arbitrary latitude/longitude coordinates in the middle of oceans or deserts. These forecasts can be delivered as bulk datasets (such as for a set of pre-specified cities). Alternatively, weather data services can be provided on-demand through our API-based web service where a client receives forecasts for an exact longitude/latitude location.
  • WindWX℠ – Wind power forecasting services deliver real-time data on a per-turbine basis at hub height, using turbine anemometer data to tune for each turbine, enabling the most accurate forecast possible.
  • RoadWX℠ – Road weather forecasting services, at locations of road weather sensors or at arbitrary locations. Includes both atmospheric and road pavement conditions.